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“If there is no path, we will make one.” 

Years ago, when I was an active referee during a time when the problems in Greek refereeing were numerous and unsolved—as they still are to this day—someone, not from the sports world, told me: “The Carthaginian general Hannibal once said that if there is no path, we will make one.” This not only impressed me but it also paved the way for my thoughts, my life, and my refereeing career. I fought hard and believe I managed to pave the way in refereeing.

I have been enjoying this for many years in Romania, where they trusted me. I don’t know why not in Greece. But… I probably do know. In this autobiography, I reveal everything. Everything a football-fan reader would want to know. I haven’t kept anything back.

And because in Greece, the problems in refereeing have remained unsolved for decades due to the prevailing belief that there is no way forward, I tell you directly through this book that all it takes is your will to pave the way. 

You will learn everything about me. I owe it to all those who have followed my journey. Events and secrets that have never been brought to light. And for the first time, the reader may learn unknown aspects of the world’s football stars.

I walked with them and got to know them, both their good and their bad sides. Who is Cristiano Ronaldo from a referee’s perspective? Who is Messi, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Rooney and so many others with whom we met on the field—at Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Bernabeu?

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After the active refereeing career 

  • 2009 – 2012 & 2015-2016
Hellenic Football Federation Football Referee Development Manager
  • 2009 up to date UEFA Referee Observer & Instructor
–  2009 – 2017 : Member of the UEFA Refereeing Committee

– 2014 up to date President of the Referees Committee of the Romanian Football Federation Main VAR Instructor Instructor and head coach education and Development of elite referees Member of the Executive Committee of the Federation (FRF)

– 2017 up to date : Member of the UEFA Refereeing Development Panel UEFA Talents & Mentors Program Coordinator UEFA CORE – Center of Refereeing Excellence – Senior Course Leader

– 2015 up to date FIFA World Football Federation official instructor

– 2020 to date Video Assistant Refereeing specialist / instructor

– 2023 coordinator of the monitoring program for young international referees CORE international programme

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